Sundog –noun 1. parhelion. 2. a small or incomplete rainbow.

Back from the Wizard

I have been taking a couple days to recuperate from the lengthy trip to see our doctor last Thursday. It was a very exciting day and also very exhausting because of all the excitement.

Timing in life really is very interesting to me. Here I am traveling most of Thursday, spending about an hour and a half at the doctor’s office and then traveling home. Meanwhile out in the world, a wildfire is spreading of information about a new connection between the retrovirus XMRV and CFS. It is all very interesting research on the retrovirus and wonderful that someone might have some answers for millions of us soon.

But closer to home, I have some answers of my own that I also received on Thursday. All those tests showed some important things for us. Once again, Jeremy and I had almost mirrored test results with only a one major difference and one minor difference. What is the most interesting to me is that for every test where we did have mirrored results, his were always a little worse than mine.

We both tested low for thyroid, Vitamin D, Selenium, and our respective hormones (progesterone/testosterone). These will all be supplemented; most we have already begun to work on as of today. Together we’ll be taking enzymes at main meals to help digest our food because our bodies are unable to produce enough enzymes on their own. We will also be giving each other vitamin b12 shots (hydroxocobalamin) a couple times a week here at home.

Where we differed majorly is he has a moderately severe Candida infection and will be on an antifungal for a few months, while I luckily do not have one. The minor difference was in each of us needing more of one type of antioxidant that the other was fine on.

While at the doctor’s office, we were shown how to do the b12 injections on each other – by the nurse giving us an injection right then and there.

I have to say that injection felt like a little bit of heaven once it started getting into me. About an hour after having it, soon enough that my butt still felt sore, suddenly I noticed that I felt good. Really good.

I felt better than I can remember having felt since this dark cloud of illness descended upon me eight years ago.

Jeremy also felt the same. We will be receiving our own supply of this miracle vitamin sometime next week. I know the wondrous sensation of health and wholeness I experienced the first time will likely not ever occur like that again, but it does give a tremendous amount of hope that this may be one of piece of the puzzle that has been missing for so very long.

With all the promise the trip to the doctor held, I can’t help but feel that promise was well met. To finally have solutions to some of the health issues plaguing us, it will be a very interesting next few months while each thing is slowly being righted after years of neglect and damage. Perhaps there will be XMRV answers and treatments by the time these current marvels of mine have run their course and I am in need of a new pair of ruby slippers to get me the rest of the way back home.

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