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Busy Bees

It feels like a bit of forever since I last wrote here. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me during this slow time. There have been so many comforting and encouraging thoughts sent our way, thank you.

I am very happy to be able to say that allergy season has mostly ended for the year! We are planning a small celebration for sometime this weekend to mark its passing.

This year the allergy month was easier than it has been for the last few years. Though there is no way to know all the factors that contributed to it being less intensive, I am very thankful for the lack of sleepless nights and pain that until now had been my curse.

Now the morning air fills with the sweet aroma of huckleberry flowers in bloom, the sound of bees making up for the lost winter months of gathering, and a warmth has entered the woods as the sunshine is briefly allowed in prior to the maple trees leafing out. This is certainly one of my favorite times of year and it always comes with a happy energy filling my soul with the awakening of a new year full of hope.

A small patch of Trillium near our tent where a young deer sleeps most nights.

A small patch of Trillium near our tent where a young deer sleeps most nights.

I find myself a little torn each sunny day as I want only to go play in my garden yet there is so much needing to be done in camp that has been waiting several months. We have had a very tiring road since last summer’s crash which left us with the lowest our health has been so far. A lot gets left to the side to be done at a later date when life turns to mere survival.

Survival is where we have been for many months now. Through the paleo diet and the tweaking of our supplements by our talented doctor, I think we are beginning to pull out of survival mode and starting to find life again.

My body feels frail after this long road but I can tell that with the extra nutrition of the paleo diet I am slowly regaining muscle strength. It feels good to pick up an object and not feel weakness but strength. Still though, I must be ever mindful of not overdoing life in my enthusiasm to catch up the months passed and still leave enough to rejoice in the spring weather.

I will talk more about our progress in a paleo lifestyle very soon. We are at the end of three months this week and the beginning of a lifetime.

Ever Onwards

The allergy season marches onwards while I remain hunkered down inside waiting for my chance to spring forth and begin my garden in a few more weeks.

The alders above our tent have not fully started pollinating yet, though they are no more than two weeks away from turning our camp yellow with pollen. For the first and only time each year, I find myself hoping more for rain instead of sunshine as the rain cleans the air and brings a few moments peace with it.

cute puppy 1
Enjoy the cute puppy photos this week!

I have had a few people ask me what I do during this time of season. The more conventional stuff sees me taking nearly double my normal prescription antihistamine, 2-3x’s a day over the counter allergy eye drops, and I wear a face mask to filter pollens 24 hours a day when not eating or showering.

I also add in approximately 18-25,000 mg of Vitamin C taken in 1-2,000 mg doses through the day. The C helps more than any one other thing for me. It varies what form of C I take at different times of the day, but each one gets taken at least twice a day. Sometimes I take a buffered powdered form, occasionally one mixed with some quercetin, but mostly just a cheap C with few extra ingredients.

A little meditation each day to help keep my body and mind in a calmer state also helps keep the stress of this season much lower. This is new for me this year as I had not started meditating until this last fall.

Lastly, I make sure to rinse out my nose at least once a day and preferably before breakfast in the morning. I’ve found doing it earlier helps keep my symptoms more calm throughout the day as opposed to doing it the once at night.

cute puppy 2

I am finding this spring season to be a little easier than the last few have been. Though it is possible it is a lighter pollen count this year, I think more likely is the fact of many diet and supplement changes having helped my body to heal more prior to allergy season beginning. Either way, I am happy my allergies are a little better than normal this year.

These are the things I do specifically for my allergies. I also have trouble every spring with my lymph stagnating more than normal which causes a great deal of pain. The pain begins first behind and under my ears then spreads throughout my body. Very little has helped in the past and the size of pain can only be described by saying all I can do when it hits is lie on my side and quietly cry. Pain killers do nothing for it and I have had to wait till it passed on its own.

This year I found some really good exercises to help keep the lymph moving and they take very little energy to do. The difference is astounding. I must remember to do them at least once a day (which can sometimes be harder than it sounds) but usually the pain starting will remind me if I have so far forgotten that day.

Only once did I have any significant amount of pain from the lymph nodes behind my ear this season, an even more welcome change than the lessened allergies thus far.

roxy the pit bull from upside down dogs

We have some stormy weather moving in for the next week or so, a blessed event which I am looking forwards to. With everything extra I must take to keep my symptoms tolerable right now, it has me even more foggy than normal. Some rain should allow me to slow down on the supplements I must take and possibly clear my head for a few days.

Posts will still be sporadic for a few more weeks. A big thank you to everyone who has offered me support during this time and let me know you were looking forwards to the next post here.