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Life can be unexpected…

Life can be unexpected, especially when you suffer from deep bouts of brain fog. The problem with brain fog is the heavier it is, the less you are aware of it.

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, I tend to keep my hair short. This is done with a pair of hair clippers and a 1-inch blade attachment to lengthen the cut. Well… sometimes mishaps can occur, such as forgetting to put on the blade attachment due to heavy brain fog.

Starting with my usual gusto, I ran the clipper up a long path along the back of my head and up to the front. As the hair fell to the floor at the end of my arc, I thought to myself, “Wow, it sure grew a lot since my last haircut!”

It was then when I realized what had happened. I’d left the blade attachment on the kitchen sink next to the coconut oil used to oil the blades before running the clipper.

Once Jeremy got involved, one thing led to another and next thing you know a mohawk was born! Haircut Fun

However it was short lived when we saw it was off center. My first swipe of the clipper blades had taken me too far across the top of my scalp. There was no rescuing the mohawk without it becoming too narrow or being uneven.

Now I’ve a freshly shorn head with a very white scalp. Luckily I have a nice hat purchased for a $1 at a yard sale last week. I’m sure it will become a semi-permanent fixture on my head until my hair grows out again in another couple of months – or at least until my scalp tans!

Oddly, I’m surprised to find myself rather disappointed at losing the mohawk. I had it for only 20 minutes tonight, but in that time I grew attached to it, though knowing I’d likely shave it off in the morning.

Who knows, maybe there will be another mohawk in my future…


Wow, I have been wanting to post here for weeks, but never find the time and energy at the same moment while also remembering.

Life is moving along much faster than either Jeremy or I are used to. Due to a few MCS related problems both at home (neighbor) and simply learning about which places are too toxic for us, we have been having less energy and more brain fog. It is at times frustrating, but overall we are doing better than we have for years and that is something we always try to remember.

Given time we’ll no doubt be doing better again. Mainly need our neighbor to stop his toxic repair project so the air becomes cleaner for us again at home. We have spoken with him and it’s mostly finished, though he’s currently waiting on a part from the mainland before he is completely done.

Our big news – we now own snorkel gear! We have been snorkeling three times in the last week and would happily have done more if the snorkel conditions cooperated. I suspect the snorkeling is also partly the cause for our fatigue. It is easy to lose track of time while exploring the reefs and shoreline looking for treasure to bring home. So far we have found a few fishing weights and some nice shells.

Our first trip out we saw two sea turtles. One was HUGE, though we only caught glimpses of it before it swam off. The second was a much smaller turtle, likely a fairly young one still as it was no more than a quarter the size of the adult. We swam along behind him as he surfaced several times for air and had a bite to eat from the coral reefs.

We also had an adventure to the westside of Maui (we live on the eastside). This tiny bit of beach is a great place to find sea glass. I think we came home with a couple pounds of glass, much of which is jewelry quality. Now we just need to turn it into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings!

Aloha until the next adventure!