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Chakra Meditations and New Blog

I have enjoyed this chakra meditation video very much over the last few months. It has a nice grounding effect and is quite relaxing.

Each day Jeremy and I do some combination of between 2-4 meditations spread throughout the day. It is part of the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Technique we have been doing and it helps immensely. Though the program starts you off with guided meditations of their own and cd’s to help you get started, we’ve taken it beyond those to now encompassing other meditation styles too.

Sometimes we skip the afternoon meditation in favor of a walk in the park or around our semi-rural neighborhood. This also seems just as relaxing and really depends on the day as to which we do.

Over the last several months of this program I have had a lot of time to think. Originally I was unsure as to when I would share with my reading community that I was doing the Gupta program, as it is a bit alternative and honestly, I wasn’t ready to face people judging me or how I choose to heal myself. Sad that even with all I’ve been through from these illnesses, there are those people out there who will harshly judge anyone who dares to break their own boundaries by becoming well.

Unfortunately, I did indeed face some negative criticism and a fair bit of what I felt to be an irrational anger towards me for not sharing on my blog all the intimate and private details of my life. As though somehow by denying this person those details, I am not only standing in the way of their own healing, but outright doing them harm.


I hate to admit it, but even despite finding their position to have been in the minority it did take away some of my enthusiasm for sharing this healing journey with you, my readers and friends. At this same time in life, I found myself to be going into a bit of a downturn in health because of our cat, Tashi, waking us multiple times a night and causing enormous difficulties. I love that cat, but she knocked down a considerable part of my health for the better part of four full months. All in all, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting very much for sometime now.

But that’s about to change… just not here.

Now I’m bouncing back quickly, more quickly than I had even dared to hope! With this gigantic boost in health is also the same boost in motivation to get a move on life. Jeremy and I are going to see about moving to Colorado, sooner rather than later, and start the process of getting back to school through the work training programs available to us.

CSU – Fort Collins, Colorado

Jeremy and I started a new blog for us to share, A Thousand Miles, where we will detail out more of our adventures while trying to find enough money to make the move. Being on Social Security Disability and food stamps doesn’t leave much money to try and save up for a big expense, and being on an island means big expense if you want to move off it. Plane fare alone starts around $1200! If we actually want to take with us anything besides carry-on luggage, such as shipping our computers to Colorado or blankets, well the costs skyrocket.

Life is full of challenges and as any who’ve read my blog here for very long knows, we take each challenge and overcome them. It’s all just a matter of time.

Crossfit or CFS, which to choose?

It’s been almost two months without Tashi and I still miss that little girl. She was a great cat to have around, lots of personality and love. In this time without her I’ve asked myself if there were something I could have done differently, and while there always will be that question, I know I did my best. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to let the pain go and be happy for her. She is doing well in her new home and I wish them all the best in the world.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and I have started some at home Crossfit workout programs again. If you aren’t familiar with them, google them! They kick your butt and keep kicking. However, at the end you feel pretty good for what you’ve done.

How can two people with CFS do Crossfit? Aren’t they too strenuous and tough? Aren’t we pushing for a crash or setback?

Nope, not a problem. Just determination and a lot work on the Gupta program to get me here. I’ll talk about it more in the future, this is just a quick update before I run off to go soak my very weary muscles in the cool ocean.

Today’s workout:

“Dumbbell Bear Complex”
5 Dumbbell Deadlifts
5 Dumbbell Hang Clean
5 Dumbbell Thrusters

All 3 together = 1 set.
Do 1 set each minute for 20 minutes or as many rounds as you can.

I used 10lb Dumbbells and managed 9 rounds, a new personal best!