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Ghana, First Job, and a Renewed Lease!

Another year has passed. I am now settled into a degree program at CSU of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. It suits me, though I am highly curious where my journey in the degree will take me. I sense it will not be the same as most others who graduate with a degree such as this – seasonal work in field research. No, after almost ten years homeless I have little desire to return to an outdoor setting for long periods of time. Instead I’m finding my way into more of the writing side of things – which is no surprise for anyone who has read my blog; I’m obviously a woman of many words!

Life continues to be an adventure. All those years in the tent and ill, I often dreamed of traveling to other countries and seeing more of the world. The dream helped fuel my recovery – and the dream finally came true a few months ago. In January I journeyed to Ghana with a class from CSU for a three week adventure into the Ghanaian culture. (Picture is me and a new Ghanaian friend, Eric. We were buddies for a couple days while our group was in his town.)


My trip was life changing! I had an amazing time learning how to be an international traveler. I brought my camera with me and it was my best friend there. It felt magical to see such a different, yet similar way of living. I continually had thoughts that human is human, and we are all people. White or black. Young or old. There are commonalities across the American and Ghanaian culture that go beyond culture and gave me a glimpse as to what being human really means.


As well, the trip was three weeks of living outside my usual comfort zone; in reaching beyond myself I grew immensely. The lessons I learned in Ghana have greatly influenced my life since coming home. I am growing in beautiful ways that will allow me to be a more whole and sound person. Through Ghana, I have learned how to be more mindfully present and less part of the shadows that have stayed with me through a great deal of trauma.

The last year at a glance:

  • I became a runner! Last year I ran in the Bolder Boulder race (a 10k) and also the Big Gay 5k race for Denver Pride. An ankle injury in Ghana still has me unable to run this year, but as soon as possible I am going to start training again. I find a great deal of joy in running and feeling how healthy and strong my body has become.


  • I also became a Blues Dancer! It became a passion for me during the summer, however is hard to maintain during the school year. I’m looking forward to another summer of dancing soon! (I’m in purple in the middle with the big grin!)


  • Camping with Falkor several times. He’s an amazing dog who continues to grow and has become my best friend. Love this pup!


  • Last summer I worked as a groundskeeper at a city park. It was my first job since I became disabled in 2001 and felt amazing to be productive in this way once more. (My job had a lot of fun toys… I mean tools!)


  • Zain met a wonderful woman and they both live in an apartment here in town. We are more family than just friends, which brings a great deal of warmth to my heart. It was very painful to lose Zain in such a close way when we had to part ways as a couple. Having him back in my life as someone I can turn to and trust, who can still share a good laugh with me – it makes my heart happy. His girlfriend has also become someone close to me as well. She quickly found a spot in my heart too and is one of the people I enjoy spending time with the most. Even just last night, Zain and his girlfriend invited me over for a BBQ they were sharing with their neighbors. It was an excellent evening with a lot of love and laughter to fill my heart. (Picture is from Halloween!)


  • I’ve been a full-time student this year at school. I am enjoying my classes and doing well. (Pictures are me in class and later in chemistry lab. We created a battery!)



  • I rented my own apartment last August after a string of terrible roommates made me realize I needed to live by myself. I love this apartment. I can see the foothills out my window and walk Falkor in nature each day at the natural area next door. Last week was a milestone in my life – I renewed the lease on my apartment through July 2017. I have never renewed a lease before; I was always moving and doing new things. It feels really good to put down some roots here. Amazingly good. (Falkor and I walk along the trails at this pond at least once a day)


I wonder what another year will bring. I feel as though I’ve really found the flow of life in the last few months. It’s amazing to sense that I’m right where I need to be. I have grown the number of people I have in my life and feel love from all of them. There is a new sense of peace growing inside me since coming home from Ghana. This has the potential to be an even better year than the last one and that one was pretty darn good!