Sundog –noun 1. parhelion. 2. a small or incomplete rainbow.


Here are some pictures of things in my life:
Jeremy and I, Thanksgiving 2000
Jeremy and I while still healthy, Thanksgiving 2000.

Jeremy and I Aug 2005
Jeremy and I on hill above our house foundation being poured, August 2005

house before plastering
Our straw bale house before being plastered, April 2008

house being plastered May 2008
House being plastered, May 2008

close up of house
Close up of our house, fern decorations on walls. August 2009

home in the woods
Where we live – tent, tarps and greenery. September 2009

Us at home
Jeremy and I at our tent, September 2009

cooking facilities
Where we cook. Stove in picture only works as a fireproof table for hotplate. September 2009

Shower and only water source.
Our shower and only water source, September 2009

Garden 2008
My small garden. Lettuce, peas, onions currently growing in picture after mice ate all my carrots. May 2008

view from spirit rock
The view from my spirit rock. September 2009

clear day view from spirit rock
What that view looks like on a clear day from my spirit rock. Summer 2005

Jeremy in camp
Jeremy in our camp. October 2009

Jeremy being a goofball while we tried for the picture of us in the tent. September 2009

me on birthday
Me on my birthday this year, out at spirit rock. October 6, 2009

stick through tarps
The hazards of having a tarp roof – branches easily fall through during wind storms. October 27, 2009

Jeremy's frozen boots
Jeremy’s boots covered in ice because of our below freezing temperatures. He has no way to keep them dry or warm so they freeze until warmer weather comes along. Temperature was down to 6 degrees Fahrenheit during the night for a week. First week of December 2009.

ice from bucket
Solid block of ice from one of our buckets during the freeze. Stayed this way on the ground without melting for five days. First week of December 2009.

Woke up to snow one morning. Early Dec 2009
Woke up to snow one morning. December 13, 2009

more snow
More snow. December 13, 2009

Jeremy getting heat for us in snow.
Jeremy out in snow to fill the canning jars with hot water that we use for heat (makes a hot water bottle for putting in bed). December 13, 2009

2 responses

  1. alithea

    I am happy to have found your website. I am very electrically sensitive and have been living outside since july of 2009. I am from the suburbs of marin county and I have found only relief in nature in the far reaches of rural california. but going at this alone without a partner now is quite difficult and i understand a lot of people are moving to the desert who are afflicted with ES and MCS. I lived in the desert for 5 years and did not feel well in the heat, even though it was santa fe. I found a spot in Ukiah, Ca that is an off the grid community but after 2 months I am experiencing symptoms again. I wonder if you have any suggestions as to where to go?
    best, alithea

    March 3, 2011 at 3:43 pm

  2. I’m sorry to hear of your own struggles Althea and that it has taken me so long to reply. I have not had noticeable trouble with ES and so haven’t paid too much attention to places that would be safe for it.

    Ukiah has a lot of pesticide use, I don’t know if that makes a difference in your degree of ES. Its from all the vineyards between them and Santa Rosa. I lived in Ukiah for 9 months with my mom until her MCS flared as spring hit and the growers began their spraying.

    The only thing that has stuck with me for help with ES and which might be why we don’t have much trouble with it is that we sleep on the ground. There is a straw pad and then blankets under us, but we we within 2 inches of bare dirt. It would provide a very grounding effect for excess build-up or problem due to the computer monitors being indoors. Our pc’s we leave outside the tent and so are at least 5 feet away from them at all times. So spending time with the soil helps to ground. Have also heard some report that running water, like from a hose while they were gardening, on bare feet in the soil helps a lot too.

    Good luck Alithea. 🙂

    March 21, 2011 at 6:12 pm

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